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Field Trips & Outreach

Students at Pontchartrain Elementary "Paint-A-Pirogue".

The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum offers more than just a “three hour tour.” Students participate in exciting, hands-on activities where they can feel the wind in their sails, learn nautical knot tying, or learn about Lake Pontchartrain Basin flora and fauna!

Field Trips

Rate (minimum 15 students): Students & Chaperones- $5 each

If you are interested in bringing your school, class, or home school group to the Maritime Museum, please call us at (985) 845-9200 to schedule your trip.

Outreach Program

We offer to do outreach presentations at schools and educational events in the area. These presentations can be tailored to meet your educational needs Here are some we have done in the past:

  • Widgeons & Coots- a game of Louisiana bird adaptations
  • Dug-Out Pirogue- Hands on presentation of the history of dug-out pirogues. Each student can take a turn “digging”.
  • Paint-A-Pirogue- Fun! Presentation on building and history of pirogues where each student takes a turn making their mark with paint on the demo pirogue.

Call the Maritime Museum at (985) 845-9200 to check availability of the Outreach Program.



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