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Boat Building

The Maritime Museum Boat Building Program helps students build traditional wooden designs under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. Our regular boat building classes are every Monday and Wednesday evening from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m., excluding most holidays. The public is welcome to come by and visit. The success of the Boat Building Program is …

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Field Trips & Outreach

The Lake Pontchartrain Basin Maritime Museum is dedicated to preserving local maritime history and culture as it relates to the Lower Mississippi River Basin’s importance as a provider of wildlife habitats, water quality, and erosion and flood control. The Basin not only provides an outdoor classroom for school children and researchers, it is of great …

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Oral History Collection

These oral histories were collected by students at Southeastern Louisiana University.  In 2005, the students were tasked with collecting oral histories concerning the Lake Pontchartrain Basin.  The 2012 oral histories relate to the history of the Wooden Boat Festival.  Please enjoy the audio and transcripts below.  For further research, contact us. Lake Pontchartrain Basin Oral …

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Jahncke Photograph Collection

Dating from 1901-1919, this photograph collection primarily relates to the Jahncke Shipbuilding Corporation in Madisonville,Louisiana.  The Jahncke Shipyard began operations just before World War I in 1917 and closed around 1970.  Shipyard workers built, operated, and repaired boats and dredges.  During World War I, Jahncke Shipyard employed about 2,200 men who built large wooden ships …

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